Aymara is the language of a people with the same name in South America. They view the past as lying before us, because it is the only thing we can look at with certainty. What do two dancers, an actor, a musician, a child, and an amateur performer find in their past? We often imagine that a linear narration must make sense, with one thing resulting from the other. But what if life consists of numerous interruptions? Of shut doors and abandoned paths?
The Costa Rican-born Alexandra Morales studied at the Folkwang Hochschule in Essen and danced with Malou Airaudo, Marc Sieczkarek and Samir Akika. In 2009 she founded the label Unusual Symptoms with him. In their first production at Theater Bremen, the choreographer and her performers, as well as three chickens and a singer-songwriter, search for traces that a biography has left behind.

Choreography: Alexandra Morales
Choreografic participation: Ulrike Reinbott
Dramaturgy: Gregor Runge
Dance: Pablo Bottinelli, Gabrio Gabrielli, Mali Gabrielli,

Stefan Kirchhoff, Bernhard Richter, Frederik Rohn
Music: Stefan Kirchhoff
Lightdesign: Christopher Moos
Set: Elena Ortega
Costumes: Alexandra Morales
Production: Theater Bremen